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Poetic Photography Projects: Telling Stories through Art

“I am often asked “Are you a painter or a Digital Artist?” Well, I am both. I am a native German, currently living and working in Atlanta and have worked for decades as a collage artist and Graphic Designer. Over time, my work has transitioned from purely traditional painting and collage to Digital Art, which enabled me to channel and combine  both my creative and analytical mind. My current portfolio consists of three main bodies of work, where I utilize and combine a multitude of photographic self shot elements as well as traditional art such as hand-drawn and painted elements. Each piece is created and rendered through an involved digital artistic process of visual and aesthetic fusion by adding to or subtracting from the elements. I try to capture ephemeral moments by telling a story, often with a humorous approach, and with a unique type of whimsical charisma in a visually narrative approach by creating manipulated fairy-tale-like worlds deviating form the original theme producing extraordinary abstract impressions. Most of my work is large scale, and I present it on finest Lambda exposure behind Acrylic Glass or HD Metal highly modern architectural surroundings.”

Gallery: Whimsical Tales

Gallery: Narrative Fragments

Gallery: Delightfully Quirky

Presentation options

Lambda behind Acrylic Glass

  • Durst Lambda Print / Highest Fuji color quality
  • Gallery quality (75 years) / Sturdy Aluminium backing
  • Matte or high gloss / Superior UV protection
  • Custom edges / Outstanding color spectrum

Canvas Print (Giclee)

  • Top quality sublimation print
  • Extra-thin 1 mm aluminum panel
  • Glossy, brushed or smooth
  • UV resistant, scratch- and waterproof

HD Metal Print:

  • Top quality sublimation print
  • Extra-thin 1 mm aluminum panel
  • Glossy, brushed or smooth
  • UV resistant, scratch- and waterproof

Print on paper:

  • Framed & matted or unframed
  • Ultra Chrome pigment inks on Hahnemühle paper
  • Excellent image sharpness
  • 100 years color-fastness
  • Archive-proof acid-free
  • Light-resistant passe-partouts
  • German engineered quality frames

Interested? I would love to chat about art or a project you have in mind, U.S: +1 678.587.0302 or Germany +49 176.3463.8021


In this series, I combine traditional art with digital means by digitizing fragments of own paintings and drawings and then cross, merge and transfuse them with self-shot photography through an involved artistic digital process. This complex procedure of I melting traditional art and photographic content of urban and city life, human features, everyday objects or nature progresses into one transcendental, thematic Micro-Universe with a thematic story telling, multi-faceted approach. Although some elements are recognizable by intention, this series is aiming towards abstraction and I preferably present my work in a large scale format printed using Superior Lambda Exposure behind Acrylic Glass.